DORMANT BOY by Proper Micro NV

'Dormant Boy' is the debut album from 24 year old Limerick electronic musician, singer and songwriter Proper Micro NV.

A 12 track electronic adventure that delves in to the genres multiple subsets, elements of electronic, soul, ambient, dance and house are contained within what is Hall's most complete collective to date.

"This is my most personal record to date. It's a bit of everything really in terms of emotion. Happy, sad, dancey, calming and woozy all at once. It's a little bit idiosyncratic in a sense that it's a bit unusual and a little bit off kilter. I like to think that it digs in a little bit deeper and pushes a few electronic boundaries. I've thrown everything at it, I'm really proud of it and I hope people enjoy and support it.” 

Gugai MacNamara