New single from Junior Brother

THE BACK OF HER- new single from Junior Brother

An idiosyncratic, challenging and richly lyrical singer/ songwriter, Junior Brother is the pseudonym of 24 year-old Co. Kerry, Ireland native Ronan Kealy. Fusing elements of Irish and English folk with a deeply unique sensibility, Kealy has steadily built a dedicated fanbase in his current residence o f Dublin town, broadening his listenership further with each release. This new song ‘The Back of Her Hand’ will be out later this week.  (Video to follow by Myles O’ Reilly)

Born outside Killarney, Co. Kerry, Kealy developed a strong love of music from an early age, writing his first song at 9 years old after having taught himself guitar on a banged-up nylon acoustic. A short spell studying English in University College Cork helped Kealy to foster his unique and striking poetic voice, taking his Junior Brother moniker from a character in Jacobean play "The Revenger's Tragedy", a work Kealy studied there.

"There's people around who walk up and down streets in order to be with themelves for a while - some stay longer than others. The dumb loners tend to be content and fight no inner battle to enjoy their own company. When walking with another replaces the long walks with yourself, and another's whole being trumps the company of yourself, your own company is rendered useless. So when the person leaves, their company takes your company from you, leaving sweet dung-all to walk the street with. This purgatory is called the back of her”.

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